Spine, Ortho & Biological Company

Clover Orthopedics is an Italian company that develops and manufactures surgical instruments and medical devices.

Our goal is to create appropriate and progressive solutions for different musculoskeletal problems.

Our portfolio provides different orthobiologics methods capable of blocking or slowing down the course of degenerative or post-traumatic pathologies.

When these solutions are no longer applicable or effective, we provide for the use of evolved prosthetic solutions that allow us to treat even the most severe cases.

What We Do



We are focused on the development of innovative medical devices, whilst the production is outsourced to Italian partners of international standing.

This business model has enabled us to develop, certify and bring to market, ten different medical devices in the last 24 months.

Through the use of Mixed Reality (XR) in manufacturing and training, we are able to guarantee accurate and reliable surgical techniques.