Spine, Ortho & Biological Company

Clover Orthopedics is an Italian company that develops and produces medical devices for musculoskeletal diseases.

Our goal is to create solutions capable of responding appropriately and progressively to the various problems of the lower limb, spine and shoulder.

Our treatment algorithm involves the use of different regenerative medicine techniques capable of blocking or slowing down the course of degenerative and traumatic pathologies.

When these methods are no longer effective, we envisage the use of advanced biomaterials to replace the damaged osteo-chondral parts.

Finally, various prosthetic solutions make it possible to respond to the most serious cases.

What We Do



We are focused on the development of innovative medical devices, mechanical production is entrusted to Italian partners of international level.

This business model has allowed us to develop, certify and market ten different medical devices in the last 24 months.

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