Spine, Ortho & Biological Company

Clover Orthopedics is an Italian company that develops and produces medical devices for musculoskeletal diseases.

Our goal is to create solutions capable of responding appropriately and progressively to the various problems of the lower limb, spine and shoulder.

Our treatment algorithm involves the use of different regenerative medicine techniques capable of blocking or slowing down the course of degenerative and traumatic pathologies.

When these methods are no longer effective, we envisage the use of advanced biomaterials to replace the damaged osteo-chondral parts.

Finally, various prosthetic solutions make it possible to respond to the most serious cases.

What We Do



Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are applied in production and training, making our surgical techniques more accurate and reliable.

The work of our team has allowed Clover Orthopedics to reach the ambitious goal of certifying 10 technical files in class II and class III during the two-year period 2020/2021 and to be the only biomedical company to have been awarded the Invitalia Smart&Start tender for the development of innovative Dixi shoulder prosthesis.



The team of biomedical engineers, thanks to the collaboration with national reference structures and surgeons, constantly monitors all our devices through specific clinical follow-ups that allow us to evaluate the efficacy and safety of each product.



Clover is a young, flexible and dynamic company.

We strongly believe in human resources and invest in the training of highly professional and dynamic figures. Our biomedical engineers are selected in the best Italian universities such as Politecnico di Milano and Campus Biomedico di Roma.

Dozens of young doctors are involved in our training activities every year.


Job Opportunities

The principles on which we base our business are experience, dynamism and innovation. Fundamental elements to operate in a sector characterized by a strong responsibility and at the same time highly technological.

We aim to profoundly change our industry, allowing more and more healthcare facilities and market players to move closer to spine and shoulder surgery.

For this reason, every member of the Clover Orthopedics family has the opportunity to improve the industry in which we operate, day after day. This is why we strongly believe in human resources and invest in the training of highly professional figures.

We believe that dynamism is a distinctive feature. Solving our customers’ problems is what we do every day and it is synonymous with great reliability. Professionally it translates into concrete career opportunities.

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