Spine&Shoulder Italian Company

Clover Orthopedics is the first and only Italian company created to study and develop medical devices that make spinal and shoulder surgery easier, more sustainable and less invasive.

In Clover Orthopedics – thanks to our team of managers, engineers, product specialists and Key Opinion Leaders – we develop innovative medical devices and surgical instruments, starting from the analysis of the technical solutions adopted by the main global players in the sector, with the aim to allow more and more healthcare facilities and market players to approach vertebral and shoulder surgery.

To this end, we offer the market a new model of supply of instruments and implants variable and sustainable based on the type of intervention performed, capable of breaking down one of the main barriers to entry into the private spinal surgery sector.



Our team focuses on the research and development of innovative medical devices for spinal and shoulder surgery, while the production is carried out by highly specialized Italian partners.

This collaboration has allowed us to develop, certify and market five product families in 2020 and we are preparing to launch two more medical devices in the first half of 2021.

All our products incorporate an in-depth analysis of the technical solutions already on the market and a careful discussion with the main Key Opinion Leaders in the sector to provide the most innovative and functional medical devices.

The client is the soul of the project.


Job Opportunities

The principles on which we base our business are experience, dynamism and innovation. Fundamental elements to operate in a sector characterized by a strong responsibility and at the same time highly technological.

We aim to profoundly change our industry, allowing more and more healthcare facilities and market players to move closer to spine and shoulder surgery.

For this reason, every member of the Clover Orthopedics family has the opportunity to improve the industry in which we operate, day after day. This is why we strongly believe in human resources and invest in the training of highly professional figures.

We believe that dynamism is a distinctive feature. Solving our customers’ problems is what we do every day and it is synonymous with great reliability. Professionally it translates into concrete career opportunities.

Internship in the Secretariat

We are looking for a newly graduated girl for an internship in the secretariat.


The person we are looking for will mainly have to deal with answering the switchboard, sorting calls and emails to colleagues, welcoming customers, booking trains and hotels for transfers, supporting colleagues during corporate events.


We believe that dynamism is a distinctive feature, therefore we are looking for young and dynamic people.

Knowledge of the English language is considered a plus.


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